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Reasons to change accounting company

We are in a service industry & as such when we get new clients it is generally because they have been recommended to us or alternatively the client was not happy with their previous accountant. I am always keen to know why new customers have left their previous accountant & here are some of the most common reasons to change accounting company we have discovered.

  1. Lack of response to client requests. Frequently we are told that the accountants either didn’t take the calls or simply did not reply. You need advice urgently & cannot get hold of them.
  2. Lack of understanding of what the client is actually involved in. This impacts on the quality of accounting advice & guidance that can be given.
  3. Accounting fees & extra charges. Clients think they have agreed a fee only for the fee to be increased. There is often confusion as to what exactly the client has been charged for.
  4. Work not being completed on time. Promises of delivery dates not met. This can impact on CRO & revenue returns & bring about penalties & interest charges.
  5. Client is looking for more than just book keeping. No proactive advice provided. We frequently hear that the accountant only makes contact with us when chasing a fee.
  6. Lack of clarity in the figures. Clients are often lost in the jargon & they find it difficult to talk in lay mans terms about the results.
  7. Mistakes in the processing or advice. Although mistakes in processing are not often the sole reason for changing an Accountant  we do however come across people who have been badly advised on different aspects of their business.

If you are not happy with your accountant or accounting company, please to not hesitate to contact us.