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Unlimited Company Registration Services in Dublin

How to Register Unlimited Company in Ireland?

Trinity Business Assist is a well-established Unlimited Company Registration Service provider. We will help you to Register Unlimited Company in Dublin.

Company Statement in Ireland

A company is a legal form of business organization. It is a separate legal entity and, therefore, is separate and distinct from those who run it. The company (and not the individual shareholders) is the appropriate person to be sued in the event that debts are incurred by the company which remain unpaid, despite demand.

Unlimited Company Statement in Ireland

In an unlimited company, there is no limit placed on the liability of the members. Recourse may be had by creditors to the shareholders in respect of any liabilities owed by the company which the company has failed to discharge. Such company must have a minimum of two shareholders.

More information about Unlimited Company Registration rules you can find on this page.

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